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FYP2 2022-2027

Financial Framework

As VLIR-UOS entered a new funding cycle with its donor DGD on 1 September 2022, VLIR-UOS updated its financial framework. The present version provides an updated general financial framework for VLIR-UOS-funded projects during the current Five-Year Programme 2022-2027 (FYP2). This framework was developed in close cooperation with all Flemish HEIs.

The document consists of:

  • An introduction (principles and legal framework)
  • General financial rules
  • Programme-specific rules

This new financial framework mainly includes clarifications, simplifications, and much more flexibility compared to earlier financial guidelines. The VLIR-UOS project agreements have been simplified by transferring rules relating to for instance reporting deadlines, spending rates, and etcetera to the financial framework. Such rules will as of now only be part of the financial framework.

As VLIR-UOS has embarked on a process of administrative simplification, there will be future updates that further complement, clarify and/or simplify the framework. This means that this Financial Framework is subject to change.
Hold on to your grammar hats, because alongside the regular revisions, we'll be conducting a language check soon!

Financial Framework FYP2

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Formal Framework